THE PIRIFORMIS MUSCLE is a deep glutial muscle that connects to the lower spine and inserts on the top of the femor. This muscle aids in hip rotation and turning outward of the leg and foot. Although this vital muscle is paramount to the structure and function of the hips and legs, it can also be a source for many problems! The piriformis is easily aggravated, typically with over use or injury. When it becomes inflamed, it can aggravate the sciatic nerve, causing debilitating pain in the glutes and legs. The piriformis may also be the cause of unbalanced hips and pelvic girdle, leading to an uneven gate. This can result in lower back pain as well as other sorts of injuries. Luckily, there are MASSAGE techniques that can help to release or relax the piriformis muscle which minimizes pain and discomfort caused by an inflamed piriformis. These techniques include vibration and rocking, trigger point therapy, localized pressure combined with passive stretching and range of motion. You can also perform active stretching and “tennis ball” therapy at home to help ease the discomfort. If you feel you may have and angry piriformis, make an appt to see your massage therapist, we just may be able to help!